Origami Fish
Design by Davor Vinkor [x]
Hexagonal box pattern like this one.
Corgi Origami
Pattern by Steven Casey [x]
Baby Fox designed by Daniel Chang [x]
Folded with a 75mm washi square for a 4cm high baby fox
Origami ElephantDesgin by Fumiaki KawahataVideo Tutorial by Leyla Torres [x]
Folded with 2 and 3 inches kami squares.
Seiji Nishikawa’s giraffe.
Fiery Dragon - Pattern by Kade ChanFolded with a 24cm square for a 15cm long dragon.
Model by Robert J. Lang from the book Origami Design SecretsVideo by Jo Nakashima [x]
The Bow tutorial (from a square sheet with cuts) is from here [x] and the Box design is from Tomoko Fuse.
2nd attempt at Roman Diaz Unicorn (from Origami Essence).Folded with a 15cm washi square.(pretty green and spring flowers pattern from Fifi Mandirac)